Buying Gold in Vancouver along with Silver and Platinum

Get cash for your old Gold, Silver and Platinum.

We buy and sell all jewelry, precious metals, bars and coins. Check with us to find out how much your gold/silver/platinum is worth. Expert advice along with accurate and highest payouts.

Some examples of what type of gold platinum and silver that we buy and sell at our downtown Vancouver location

Jewelry of all kinds

Gold/Silver/Platinum bullion bars and coins


Diamonds and colored stones

Want a new piece made with credit for old gold? No problem! Bring us in your old gold, Platinum or Silver to our Vancouver store and the gold counts towards the price of the ring.

And more….

Come to our Vancouver location and we can help with selling your gold

We can test the purity of your Gold for sale and offer a free no-obligation quote and pay on the spot at our Vancouver gold buying location.

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