Vancouver Jewelry Plating for rings, bangles, necklaces, and other jewelry items

Our state of the art Plating techniques will create a terrific finish. We use special European plating materials and undercoat techniques to create a long lasting, solid finish.

See below for the different options and colors for Ring and jewelry plating that we do at our Vancouver workshop including:

Rhodium plating, Platinum plating, 24kt Yellow gold Plating, Rose gold and even our super Extra Black rhodium plating.

Platinum Plating
Rhodium Ring Plating
18kt Rose Gold Plating accent
24kt Gold Plating
Extra Black Ruthenium Plating

Approximate pricing for Plating services for local Vancouver retail customers:

Rhodium Plating $95

Rose Gold and Yellow Gold Plating for most rings and jewelry items $60

Platinum plating $80

Plating for earrings in Rose gold or yellow gold $75

We offer volume discounts for jewelers with minimum quantities per year and orders over $500

If Polishing and Cleaning is needed to prep the item for casting allow $20-25 approximately but more complicated pieces such as an elaborate chain with multiple links could be much more than that. Most charms, pendants, necklaces won’t need polishing before plating.